researcher + spiritual teacher

Sarah E. K. Lentz

About Sarah E. K. Lentz

Sarah E. K. Lentz, M.Div. (née Sarah E. Koss) is a researcher and spiritual teacher in the Washington, DC metro area. She owns and operates the company, Science of Connectedness, LLC, which helps people improve their spiritual health using research-based ideas.

Sarah graduated in 2018 from Harvard with a Master of Divinity, during which she studied the relationship between spirituality and human flourishing as well as religious pluralism and the complex role of religion in modern society. Sarah identifies as a Religious None–i.e., nonreligious–and she was the president of the Harvard Divinity School Religious Nones from Fall 2016 – Spring 2018.

Prior to Harvard, Sarah lived in British Columbia, Canada, where she completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in honors psychology with a focus on positive psychology (happiness studies). Sarah is trained in counseling practices and has worked as a hospice chaplain in Northern Virginia as well as a researcher at UBC, Dana Farber Cancer Center, and Harvard Divinity School.

Sarah’s work through Science of Connectedness is based on the definition of spirituality she developed at UBC and Harvard, which equates spirituality with Connectedness. Based on this research, Sarah writes a blog of research-based spiritual tools and provides spiritual support online and in-person, including spiritual counseling, wedding and funeral officiating, and retreats. Although Sarah primarily works with nonreligious individuals, she is open to working with people of any religious affiliation.

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